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B&W Trailer Hitches

bw-hitches-logoLet’s face it, Americans love towing. There’s just something about hooking up to a big load of prized horses or pulling an RV across a mountain pass that embraces the freedom we all love. When you’re hauling, you’ve got a lot riding on your hitch and those relatively small pieces of steel play a huge role in keeping your truck and trailer connected and you loads safe.

That’s why we treat the manufacture of your trailer hitch with the respect it deserves. At our company, we insist on American-made steel. In a product where the strength and flexibility of the steel cab mean life or death, we want your hitches made right.

That’s why B&W Trailer Hitches is still in Humboldt, Kansas, a half-mile from the garage where Roger Baker and Joe Works changed the towing industry with the first Turnover ball™ gooseneck hitch 25 years ago. We stand for the future of American manufacturing and American made is what we do.

A hitch is only as good as the welds holding it together. B&W Trailer Hitches insists on making those welds under our own roof. And the hard-working, skilled Americans that make the welds do so according to the ASTM Welding Standard. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

It might not matter whether your shirt, TV and tent stakes are made in America, but with your trailer hitch it does matter and our company strives to see that only the best hitches are sold in the market.

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